We are in this together.

The team behind Qonnect continually strives to add new dimensions to a product that – let’s be honest – can hardly be described as ‘sexy’. They are fascinated by rivets and everything to do with rivets and they enjoy working together to make bold changes to the established way of doing things. They are making a unique contribution to innovation in a sector that is often set in its ways. This contribution is reflected in Qonnect’s growth as a company, and this growth in turn stimulates the team to develop further.

Jan Aarts


‘We have retained the passion for our product. Even after 30 years, we are still developing the technology behind the rivet and rivet nuts. This is what inspires me every day. I have also been able to assemble a team that is just as passionate about our product. Working together, they are eager to go that extra mile every day to make sure we set ourselves apart in our sector.’

Daan Schrijen


‘I work with Jan and our team to implement small, controlled steps that allow our company to flourish. Whether purchases, stock, finance, or outgoing deliveries, I will be there monitoring quality, speed, and client satisfaction.’


Purchase / Sales

‘At Qonnect, I am responsible for purchasing and selling Q-Rivets, Q-Nuts, and Q-Tools. In addition, I update our clients on the status of orders and stock and am available every day to take questions on quotes and our range of products.’

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