Qonnect’s franchise strategy in Europe

To be able to serve the European market both quickly and easily, Qonnect Fasteners operates franchise companies throughout Europe. The company headquarters are located at Maastricht Airport, Netherlands. Other locations are Qonnect Ibérica (Spain), Qonnect Germany (Germany), Qonnect Swiss (Switzerland), and Qonnect Russia (Russia). An important goal of the coming years is to expand the number of franchise companies to allow Qonnect to sell its products to an even larger segment of the market.

An accessible way of franchising

Qonnect’s franchisees operate in their own countries. They have already established a robust network, speak the language, and understand the culture, making it relatively easy for the Qonnect brand to enter the respective market. The franchise agreement does not impose any financial obligations – there is wide-reaching freedom. Nevertheless, we do expect to see an increase in turnover over time. In addition, the franchisee is obliged to actively promote Qonnect’s range of products and brand on the market. All of which should be based on good, honest, transparent information. Everything is carried out on trust.

What are the benefits to the franchisee?

  • Freedom as a self-employed entrepreneur
  • Ability to use an existing concept
  • Focus on the sales market
  • Purchase of large quantities directly from Asia
  • Successful growth in own country
  • Use of the multilingual website and comprehensive catalogue
  • Access to warehouse stocks and continuous availability
  • Participation in international trade fairs

Finally, here’s what a franchisee has to say: Michel Portenier of Qonnect Swiss. He explains why he opted for Qonnect, and what it has meant for them.

Franchisees explain

Michel Portenier Qonnect Swiss
When Michel Portenier took over the established rivet technology company ‘eltec swiss handels ag’ in 2018, the question of individual suppliers came up again. The aim was to be able to take over the suppliers exclusively for Switzerland.

“The present supplier was found after much clarification and analysis of potential parties, and the decision fell for Qonnect Fasteners. They were convincing in many ways – whether a special solution or the entire range of rivet technology, Qonnect have always been incredibly friendly and offer professional support and service. The openness of staff makes enquiries and ordering straightforward and quick. The collaboration has allowed delivery conditions to be optimized and delivery times between the Netherlands and Switzerland to be accelerated.

Visits to one another’s company premises have allowed us to get to know one another and discuss mutual areas of interests. It has always been obvious how friendly and family-like Qonnect is as a company, and the long-term, close cooperation is appreciated and supported.”

About Michel Portenier

After his initial training in gastronomy, he worked for a major international company in the tool industry, acquiring his first knowledge and expertise in this area. With great commitment and a thirst for knowledge, he managed to train as a product trainer after just one year. In that role, he was responsible for acquiring product knowledge and communicating it to sellers. And so his desire for independence was strengthened. After his last role at a medium-sized enterprise, he had the opportunity to take over ‘eltec swiss handels ag’ and to finally fulfil his life’s dream.

Contact us
We are confident that these are valuable developments that will be available for even more countries in the future. If you are interested, have questions, or would like to learn more, please contact Qonnect Fasteners at info@qonnect-fasteners.com or on +31 433 653272.