Riveting Tools

The products of the Qonnect Rivet Association are not only limited to blind rivets and blind rivet nuts, but also include a complete range of riveting tools: pneumatic, battery driven and hand tools (Q-TOOLS).
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Hand Tools
Riveting Tools

Pneumatic riveting tool 03AS1

Pneumatic Tools
Riveting Tools

Battery Driven Tools
Riveting Tools

The Q-TOOLS range is especially designed for trouble-free installation of any type of blind rivet or nut with a diameter between 2.4 and 6.4 mm (M3-M12). The riveting tools have an ultra-light and ergonomic design. Our organization continually works on innovating and developing new, often patented hand and power tools. Our product development process is focussed on strength, technology, quality, and innovative design, as demonstrated by our most recent line of Q-TOOLS.

We can normally deliver all Q-TOOLS rapidly, straight from stock. You could also opt for our range of private label Q-TOOLS, which can be manufactured to your own preferences and design. The options depend on the type and volume of your Q-TOOLS order, so please do not hesitate to contact our R&D department to discuss your wishes. We have an in-house service department for repairs and orders of spare parts, and we guarantee you fast delivery, high-quality service, and expert advice to help you choose the right rivet tool for your needs.

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