Qonnect Deutschland GmbH

Natalie Kallas: Back to the roots

Natalie Kallas began her career at Masterfix Products B.V. in Maastricht in March 2002. The owner and managing director of the company was Jan Aarts, who over 25 years had successfully established Masterfix as a familiar brand in blind riveting technology. There, Natalie Kallas was responsible for sales and expansion of the German market.

Following the sale of Masterfix, which is now part of the Stanley Group, Natalie Kallas decided to continue her career with a company located close to Düsseldorf, which was then known primarily for its insulation products. The company’s objective was to develop blind riveting technology as a second pillar – a nice challenge and an interesting task.

After thirteen years of successful work in Düsseldorf, for a company that had experienced significant growth in blind riveting technology, had secured market share, and established its name, the time had come to seek out a new goal.

And, with more than nineteen years of experience, why not self-employment and the chance for an entirely new kind of challenge? With nineteen years of experience in riveting technology, successful sales, ambition, and knowledge of the industry in the German market, there would undoubtedly be opportunity.

Together with Jan Aarts, who had founded Qonnect Fasteners B.V. in the meantime, it quickly became apparent that the idea of establishing a new company would be an interesting challenge for both sides. And thus, the foundation stone for Qonnect Deutschland GmbH as an independent company was laid and, starting on 1 April 2021, there was a new path and a new goal.

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