Qonnect® – quality control with XRF Technology

Qonnect® offers chemical analyses of all our fasteners. By making use of the latest XRF Technology, we can scan our fasteners and see almost every existing element and the percentage present in the fastener. This safeguards our quality and guarantees the chemical composition of all of our fasteners.

We use XRF Technology within our entry control and want all of our customers to benefit from its variety of uses. So, if you have a demanding project, you can request an official PDF report containing the chemical composition of your Qonnect products. We can also provide a chemical report for non-Qonnect products – simply send us your product of choice, and we’ll analyse it for you based on our library of over 650 alloys. If your alloy is not listed, please provide details so that we can add it!

Need to know of what percentage of Nickel (NI), Molybdenum (Mo) and Chromium (Cr) your stainless steel consists of? Or want to know the Magnesium (Mg) percentage in your Aluminium? Please contact our Quality Department, and we’ll find what you’re looking for within our range of approximately 70 traceable elements.

Are you interested in XRF Technology for your products? Please contact bart@qonnect-fasteners.com